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Floxetquímica® is a company dedicated to integrated wastewater treatment.

We have broad experience both in the fabrication of wastewater treatment equipment as well as in the research and development of chemicals for treating wastewater.

All products developed by Floxetquímica® are:

  • Either patented or with a patent pending; and
  • Elaborated with materials friendly to the environment, for which wastewater once treated may be securely disposed or recycled, as the case may be.



In a physical/chemical water treatment process, the use of chemicals represent up to a 50% success of such wastewater treatment process. There are clients whom already have a wastewater treatment plant or equipment in place, however, the supplier of such equipment never offered or supplied a chemical for performing such treatment or the one offered never met the client´s requirements. Our experts evaluate the wastewater treatment requirements of each client in order to adapt our patented chemicals to the existing wastewater treatment equipment and thereby meet client´s requirements.


There are clients who only require the purchase of a specific equipment (e.g. coagulation tank, clarifier tank or chemical injector) for its existing wastewater treatment process and others who require a complete wastewater treatment plant. Depending on our client´s needs, we evaluate and offer the best equipment solution in order to help them achieve their wastewater treatment requirements.


For those clients whose principal activity is not the treatment of wastewater, we offer them an integrated service consisting of:

  • Evaluating their wastewater treatment requirements;
  • Designing a package of equipment and chemicals for purposes of achieving their wastewater treatment requirements;
  • Provide the equipment and chemicals required for treating their wastewater; and
  • Installing and operating the wastewater treatment equipment.

All of the above for the payment of a monthly fee and a mandatory term contract to be previously agreed with client. Following are the advantages of contracting an integrated wastewater treatment service with Floxetquímica®:

  • The client does not require to invest in the cost of the equipment nor in the inventory of chemicals;
  • The client does not have to worry for having to know how to operate the equipment;
  • The client does not have to maintain or replace the equipment;
  • The client may transfer the cost of this integrated service to its different tenants (e.g. industrial parks and housing developments may charge the cost of this service through their monthly maintenance fee); and
  • Depending on the quality of the wastewater subject to treatment, the client may recycle the same into its process and/or may use it to irrigate green areas (e.g. car wash businesses, sport clubs, golf clubs, hotels and housing developments, etc.).


FLOXET (Alkalin Solution)

This is a patented alkalis compound, sold as a powder or a grout with a 10% concentration and which it is generally dosed at a ratio of 1 to 4 millimeters depending in the concentration and type of pollutants present in the wastewater subject to treatment. This chemical fosters the coagulation and collection of suspended and dissolved particles and modifies the disposal of the resulting sludge, because the increase of pH generated by this chemical creates the biological deactivation of such sludge. Additionally, it has a high cementing quality, which translates into savings because of the reduction in the use of coagulating polymers which are very expensive.

Combined with coagulating acids which destabilize the electric charges of the suspended particles, it generates a rapid coagulation of the same, which combined with a minimum portion of coagulating polymers, it precipitates the suspended particles resulting in a clear residual water and a compact filtered sludge.

Additionally, this product provides the filtered sludge a structure which fosters a faster and more efficient drying, and thanks to its low humidity, the filtered sludge now can be handled, transported and disposed more efficiently and at a lower cost.

FLOXET (Acid Solution)

Is a chemical which is administered in liquid form directly into the wastewater. With a pH of 4.19., it provides acidity to the wastewater subject to treatment, however its main function is to unbalance the electromagnetic charges of suspended particles through the action of its positively charged aluminum trivalent ions catalyzed by the action of patented additives in order not to increase the chemical oxygen demand content.

This chemical is administered directly without dissolving the same in order to act as a coagulant, in amounts ranging from 0.5 and 0.7 milliliters per liter of wastewater to be treated.


Through research and development, we have designed and patented a tangential flow water treatment plant (WTP) which is unique to the market. Our WTP works in continuous flow, and thus the treatment process is not required to be interrupted in its different stages (e.g. coagulation, clarification, sedimentation, etc.), which allows treating waste water at the highest efficiency and in the shortest time possible.

The advantages of using our WTP are as follows:

  • It does not have moving parts, thus wear and maintenance are kept at a minimum;
  • By working in continuous flow, it does not require high volume storing tanks for coagulation and/or sedimentation of residues, which translates into a smaller installation area, and in some cases the WTP may be installed on a trailer for a quick and easy transportation;
  • It works in a closed cycle using solely the power generated by the vacuum of the installed submersible pump, which translates into an extremely low consumption of electricity;
  • By not having moving parts and being sealed from the elements, it is practically silent and does not generate odors, which makes it ideal for all type of working environments such as residential developments, schools, hospitals, etc.; and
  • It is extremely simple to operate, and does not require specialized nor a high volume of operators.

The treatment capacity of our WTP is designed based on the liters per second capacity of waste water that clients require to treat. If the water treatment requirement is of a high volume, then we recommend to install several of our WTPs in order to treat such requirement (e.g. if the water treatment requirement is of 6 liters per second then we recommend to install 2 WTPs with a capacity of 3 liters per second each), resulting in the following benefits:

  • The cost of fabricating a standard volume WTP is less than that of a high volume WTP;
  • A low volume WTP is easier to install and operate;
  • All of the WTPs work independently, and should the wastewater treatment demand decreases, then the client only operate the WTPs that result necessary, which translates into a lower consumption of chemicals, energy and operators; and
  • In the remote event of a failure or maintenance interruption of a WTP, the client may continue its treatment by using those remaining WTPs.

Our WTP is ideal for:

  • Purifying water from a non-polluted source (e.g. during natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes, you can source water from a non-polluted source and purify water from that source for human consumption);
  • For treating water containing organic or human fecal matter (e.g. WTPs for industrial facilities, slaughter houses, housing developments, stadiums, sport clubs, etc., which lack sanitary sewage);
  • For treating waste water from industrial processes with organic or inorganic residues, oil, soap, etc.

Following is a flow chart of our WTP:


Our products have been successfully used in the following industries:

For the treatment of exhausted sewage sludge generated by municipal sewage water treatment plants and waste water generated by slaughter houses:

Our products successfully promote the coagulation of dissolved organic residue resulting in a more efficient collection vs. solely using traditional coagulation products (e.g. polymers).

Because the use of polymer is reduced to a minimum, using our products has the following advantages:

  • The treatment cost is exponentially reduced; and
  • The drying of the treated sludge is faster allowing the same to be handled, transported and disposed more efficiently (weight is reduced because of the sludge´s low humidity and it does not require to be buried for its final disposition because the same has been organically deactivated).

Our products organically deactivate the treated sludge eliminating odor and the reproduction of insects (flies and worms) allowing the sludge to be sun dried and disposed without having to be buried, and sometimes commercialized due to its high organic content (as fertilizer and animal food).

For the treatment of waste water with a high content of dissolved particles such as waste water generated by the dyeing, paper and industrial cleaning industries:

Due to its high coagulant action, it helps the filtration of dissolved particles through conventional filtering methods. Treated water can be then recycled in the production process, thus reducing production costs.

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